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On this site we have reviewed some of the best windproof umbrellas that not only keep folks dry, but more importantly, are designed to break the wind and not flip inside out.

One of the best umbrellas to consider that have proven to be as close to “windproof” as reasonably possible are Gustbuster Umbrellas.

These umbrellas are the only brand thus far that we have come across which are capable of tackling high winds, especially those produced in heavy thunderstorms. They have a double canopy patented design which allows air to flow through large rain-drop-shaped wind vents and are wind tunnel tested to handle gusts of up to 55 MPH.

There are several models and multiple colors to select from and there is a size for everyone. From small compact metro umbrellas to large windproof golf umbrellas.

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Other Wind Umbrella Reviews & Brands

Another umbrella that has been tested to tackle high winds is the SENZ "stealth" umbrella.

Now while we have found the design of this product to have a truly unique look and feel, along with an aerodynamic structure that handle near hurricane force winds, through our research we have gathered feedback that it is a bit hard to handle in high winds, does not keep the user very dry due to its size and can be a little larger with a more comfortable revised grip.

For what this umbrella is priced for, perhaps it is best to compare with other windproof umbrellas before purchasing.

Other brands and models that make wind resistant umbrellas worth considering are Totes umbrellas, Shed Rain umbrellas, Ztech umbrellas, and even Nike golf umbrellas.

They may not perform as good as our top choice, the Gustbuster, but do offer a quality build for light to moderate winds.

We will also update this site with some popular umbrellas that are not wind proof and are designed more for style.

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We hope we can offer some insight and help folks reach a more confident buying decision.

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